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azmiera (ex classmate,SMKDU) u are such a very great friend... February 23, 2010

It’s been a year since u left all the people that u loved for a long journey… to tell u the truth, I just knew about this saddest news when Jamil, our former friend n schoolmate asked me to join him attending your special memorial service which be held on 19 Feb,

a week ago…u know the worst part was when I asked Jamil, Markus do what ceremony? n he said, don’t u know that he was leaving us almost a year ago? Only God knows how shocked and surprised I was when I first hear about the painful news bout u Markus n I kept searching for memorial blogs created specially for u by person that u loved n for sure really love u…I spent almost one day reading this blog n guess what, my eyes were so full of tears…I really regret it when I realized that I maybe the last person knew about this, I regret it when there is no one tell me about this saddest news n I regret it that I cannot say goodbye to u for the very last time…n for that, I beg for your apologize…


I still remember when we  still very young when we were n the same class (1 Anggerik) in SMKDU.U r the class monitor…Yes, A very great monitor while Salmi was your assistant..Even though we r only in the age of 13 at that time, I still can see your potentials n credibility to be a very superior leader in the future…Even we are malay students but u never discriminate and treated us fairly with the others and n u r always willing to share your knowledge with all your classmates  n u know Markus, u’ve proof to the nation that u r such a very great person n my thoughts towards u were not wrong…Being your little friend, I am so proud to know that u’ve involved in so many charitable programs, served and gave your full of heart to your beloved country…I am so impressed about your achievements and I would like to express million of thanks for cheering up so many peoples life. See Markus, all the good things u have done really gave impact in so many lives that we just cannot accept it when u left…but I know that God took u for good reason, because He loves u n want to take care of u there…cause in God u trust right? U may not even remember me cause I left the school after PMR but  I always remember u cause u are a person who’s so full of kindness and gentleness which for sure hard to be forgotten, forever…


For Markus family n friends, my deepest condolences n sympathies for your loss of Markus .I know it  was a very difficult time for you, and I wish you all  to keep strong…May he rest in God's hands and bless his soul. My thoughts and prayers are always with you... I know that words are not enough in difficult times such as these but sometimes it helps to ease the pain. I wish that he has found peace wherever he is and that your family will find the inner strength to cope with his departure. Please do not forget that you have much of family n good friends to share your sorrows…With that, please accept my deepest sympathy the heartfelt thought that there is hope in each new tomorrow, take care…

Suan (passer-by) I didn't know you January 12, 2010
I didn't know you Markus, but it seemed to me that you have touched many lives, and will continue to touch the lives of people who have never met you through many ways, this memorial page being one way. My sympathy goes out to the ones who loved you most, who will miss you on family occasions, on your birthday, during small events, every time they laugh, every single day.

I hope this poem I found on the internet will shed some awareness on how the family and friends you left behind may be feeling almost one year after your passing, almost one year after the influx of condolences. I myself found this very comforting as I emerged from an emotional stupor after I lost my mother.

What a Grieving Mother Really Thinks

Hello old friend,
Oh yes, you know
I lost my child a while ago.
No, no please
Don’t look away
And change the subject
It’s ok.
You see at first I couldn’t feel,
It took so long, but now it’s real.
I hurt so much inside you see
I need to talk,
Come sit with me?
You see, I was numb for so very long,
And people said, “My, She is so strong.”
They did not know I couldn’t feel,
My broken heart made all unreal.
But then one day, as I awoke
I clutched my chest, began to choke,
Such a scream, such a wail,
Broke from me..
My child! My child!
The horror of reality.
But everyone has moved on, you see,
everyone except for me.
Now, when I need friends most of all,
Between us there now stands a wall.
My pain is more than they can bear,
When I mention my child,
I see their blank stare.
“But I thought you were over it,”
Their eyes seem to say,
No, no, I can’t listen to this, not today.
So I smile and pretend, and say, “Oh, I’m ok”.
But inside I am crying, as I turn away.
And so my old friend, I shall paint on a smile,
As I have from the start,
You never knowing all the while,
All I’ve just said to you in my heart.

Kelly Cummings

I hope this will bring your family the small measure of solace as it brought me.

Joseph Loh A tribute to Markus April 15, 2009
n the conversations we had in the past there was an element of familiarity in the struggles Markus faced when we shared with one another. Those struggles were your average Christian struggles that you and i faced but the difference was in how Markus faced it.

He was humbled yet unwavering, fearful but courageous, he took on problems determined to make a difference in the circumstances faced, his choices made in the midst of adversity was what made him shine like a beacon to all whom he touched.

I was one of those who was thoroughly impressed at the depth of maturity, humbleness,  love for God, selflessness, passion for humanity, not forgeting his great love for our country, i could go on but regrets and tears fall down as i come to terms with his death and my failure to reciprocate in kind to his words of encouragement, prayers and kindness that he showed without hesitation.

In the few months we have come to know each other, i've learned of all those attributes that Markus himself bore as mentioned by Wei Wenn below.

Life has never seemed so short till the passing of our dear friend Markus, nevertheless his legacy, dreams and aspirations live on in all of us.

Life has never been the same since his passing, but though grieved let us not rest in the regrets of his lost but let us stand up and be counted just as Markus has stood up and be counted to live life to the fullest just as he had.

A verse came to mind as i came to terms with all that had happened over the past week.

John 12:24
"Truly, truly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit.

My dear fellow friends and campers, let us continue to encourage one another through and to start standing up tall and be counted for.

Markus has gone before us and now the torch lie in our hands brothers and sisters...

As a tear falls down, as i envision him passing the torch.... It's my turn now.
John Cung (Burmese friend) A poem to My lover's Markus February 27, 2009
A poem to My lover's Markus
By John Cung

     I watch the sky and think about what is love?
     I scratch my arms where I am going to put my burden?
     I know how the world is wide but I do not have a palace for sleeping
     When I walk in to the city, I see everything what I need
     I rather a needy than greedy
     It is so-called a needy

     Suddenly, when I heard about my lover has passed a way
      I feel like the whole world is break.
      Because, he is my shelter and I put my burden in him.
      I love him so much and he love me, too.
      That is a beautifulness of the world

       The man was created with a mud by God,
       and one day it will moulder by itself.
        But I did not love my lover body,
        I love his ethic and his kindness
        I like his purpose for the world
        He encourage to disable persons
        This is so-called “AGAPE LOVE”

        Markus, we just separate by living and dieing,
        but we hope is one.
        We have one God, we must meet a gain in our father's house
        But I am plea I couldn't see your body before they buried.
        I am very sad without saying a word before you passed a way.
        People are saying you have died but you are still alive in my heart.
        You were my shelter on the world and you were my provider whatever I
         I promised you,I will try to become which one you want,you have
         spoken to me.
         I will speech about you wherever I go and I stay
         One day, I hope to see you a gain in our father's house in heaven
         At that time, we will be singing together forever and ever.
Neens Closure. February 18, 2009

Some friends and I went to visit Markus a week ago.


Found out he had our letters with him, and felt content. We are all grateful that Aunty, Uncle, David and Peter had placed our parting words with him in his eternal sleep.


When we left, we didn't say goodbye, but "See you later," instead.




Sleep well, Markus. We'll come visit again soon.

Amy Ong My condolence February 16, 2009

My nephew passed away on 25 Dec 2005 at the tender age of 19. The depth of my sister in law and brother's grief was beyond my ability to describe.


My prayers that God's comfort be evident to all of you at home in this great loss.


I wrote to a missionary who lost her son at 20 when my nephew died. I remembered her words : God is greater than our sorrow.


Angela Kwon One encounter, deep impression February 15, 2009
Got a message from Han, immediately called Deborah. Coz mention Markus Ibridge, I immediately pictured your face.

Wow. God took you away in your sleep. At the young age of 23.

You know, Markus, I never knew you until El Sanctuary Ibridge. And even then, I didn't really talk to you. Until we were practising. One of the evenings. You know, Markus, you left a deep impression on me. For two things. One, I remember you making a remark about being far from Daddy for some time, and Ibridge 08 was like a comeback for you. That stayed with me.

Two, remember at one point in the practice, the music wasn't really right? And I was fumbling with the songs that I was unfamiliar with, fumbling with chords, fumbling with the rhythm, struggling to do my best yet I was not able to catch up with all of you skillful musicians during practice.

And there you were, patiently writing down the chords for this struggling pianist, and even gently telling me that the 'mood' and 'tone' I was playing wasn't suitable. I remember Markus, your patience, the love you showed, the gentleness with which you corrected my playing... Even though at one point I could sense you were a quite frustrated with the music coordination and all.

Thank you Markus. I wanted to tell you on the last day of camp, "Thank you for blessing me, and I just want to say that I'm really glad Ibridge 08 has been sort of a comeback for you". But I didn't see you...

Thank you bro. I may not have much tears to shed, as we don't really know each other. But that one worship practice, Markus... was a blessing to me. Thank you. Enjoy His Presence and enjoy worshipping HIM face to face, meeting all the heroes of faith. And tell Daddy to grant comfort to your family members and close friends, for I know, they are grieving, their pain is deep
Rahman Hyder what a guy ... February 15, 2009
never met him, never knew him, but cried when reading the tributes to him.

if i could get 10% of those tributes when i die, i'd be happy.

deepest condolences to the family. all i can say is - what a guy!!! what a reminder of what we can be.

man, markus ... wish i'd met you.
Christopher Tan (Acquaintance) A Brief Encounter February 14, 2009
I only met Markus once, that was in a church camp just last year. We were in the same group for that camp and I had the privilege of knowing him just a little better.

I remember him sharing about his participation in Unicef and his thoughts on starting work. I could tell he had a passion to change the world for a better place, even if he didn't know how yet to do that, it did not dampen his efforts.

There was also this funny moment where he discovered that he was actually older than I was. I remember him thinking that I was at least 2 or 3 years older than him, probably cause my sharing was a lot more subdued and jaded. But he could really make people feel welcome and at ease, always ready to offer a solution, and his heart was set on serving God.

Not that he didn't have his share of problems, we all do. But to persevere and push forward in spite of these problems, THAT is true strength. He was and still is an inspiration to someone like me who got jaded with life.

I thank God for the opportunity for our paths to cross, no matter how briefly. Catch you later bro.
Dr. Christopher Shun There is an Eternal Answer for our Questions February 14, 2009
(Brother in the Lord)

Dear David, Peter, Mr and Mrs Ng.

I feel your deep pain, I feel your acute loss However, Markus’s love for God only encourages and inspires me to continue this journey of faith. As a father of three children myself aged 43, I wept profusely as I asked Father God: "Could you have let Markus stay on Earth a little longer, marry a lovely wife and raise a family, impact the society and community even more???" Could you have given him another 20 years??

The answer I received in quiet reflection is that God loved him too much to let him suffer social injustice, personal indignity and physical and debilitating pain. Markus would not experience the pain of an emotional heartbreak, no pain of betrayal of values; no pain of disappointment in close friends who turn their backs at the final moment like what our precious Lord Jesus faced at the Garden of Gethsemane and on the road to Golgotha carry the sins of the world on his back. No Markus experience a good and fulfilling life deeply loved by family, friends and classmates. Mostly he experienced God's Love in its purest essence. Whilst I don't know Markus personally, having perused his personal blogs, I feel I now know him well. If he was my son (and I do have a son), I would say "Well done, my faithful son, go and receive your crown of life, you richly

deserve". Dr. Christopher Shun
Andrew Wong (Acquantaince) Condolences February 14, 2009
I've met him somewhere before along my journey!! I seriously can't remember where but I'm really touched by his brother's testimony. I got to know his passing through a friend of mine and only tears could express my feelings right now. Condolences to the family and be strong!!

I'm sure he's rejoicing with the Lord in heaven right now, reconciled with our Lord Jesus Christ!! Many things happen that we do not understand why and I had the same experience when I lost my buddy back in 2003 when we were 18 years old. I told myself, only time will tell why and only God will show us through his own special way!! Believe and have faith in Him!!

Be strong through this period of time and may your lost be healed and touched by God's love!!
Stephanie Pang (nil) condolences February 14, 2009
Dear Auntie and Uncle Ng,

My condolences on the lost of your beloved son. I do not know Markus or your family but came across his obituary in the newspaper. When I saw his picture, so full of promise and hope, I can't help but felt sorry and thus decided to check out his website.

From the little I have read, Markus came across as a really nice young man. I know what I said currently may not seem much as it would be words from a stranger but put your trust in faith and you will meet up again one day, it might be thirty, forty years or half a century down the road but if you have faith, you will meet up once again.

Ooi Mi Mi (stranger) Markus YN Chung a rare gem February 14, 2009
What a great loss to all who know Markus Ng, and a total stranger like me felt the loss and sadness. Rest in peace. Amen
Raden Fadzilah A'ini Abd Kadir empathy from my family February 14, 2009
Raden Fadzilah A'ini Abdul Kadir (father's friend)

Dearest Dato' Dr. Vincent and family,

Our deepest sympathy and condolence to each and everyone of your family member. As the saying goes,your gem is one, the glitters stays in your mind and heart,your lost is won, from gathers of writes from friends and might.

be stong, words cannot convey as the saying goes, " berat lagi mata memandang, berat lagi bahu memikul.

your friend,
raden , kamal, asyrawin
Chin Huat Wong (friend) My second reason for mourning February 14, 2009
I am completely shocked to learn that you had passed on, Markus. I regret so much that I did not get the news earlier that I miss your memorial service.

I remember the last time we met in the PJ virgil and the supper we had with two of your juniors. For different reasons, I did not go to the vigil since then. I will go in the future when circumstances permit.

You had been a great person in your brief time on earth. You had touched many hearts and souls with your sincerity and passion to do good.

It is my pleasure to have been your university mate and friend. I remember my surprise to learn that you have come to Essex to study politics, after Cheng Boon. And I learnt later how you had been active in the Essex Malaysian Society. And all these are now history.

As your brother said, you have fought the good fights. We have ours to fight and I shall remember you when I fight mine. I shall remember you next time I sing Negaraku.

I have now another reason to wear black.
Rosalind Lim Condolences to the Ng family February 14, 2009
Dear Kim Teng and family

I'm sorry to learn that Markus has left us but has joined his Maker. Our hearfelt condolences to the family and pray that the Lord will comfort you and give you strength to bravely carry on your mission on earth as Markus had in his lifetime.
Christine Chiam (Niece) Deepest Condolences February 14, 2009
Though I have never seen Markus before, I was brought to know that he was not only brilliant but also kind hearted, that my mother describes him as an angel.

Maybe God just needs this angel's help, calling him back to His embrace. I send my deepest condolences to Markus’s family.
Tan Peng Chui (Friend) Someday... February 14, 2009
Markus was a friend whom I met at HELP Institute (then still insititute) when I was working there for a short while. He was friendly and approachable, kind and helpful.

We didn't know each other but always smiled when we passed each other. Later, we did exchange some conversations and we realized that we had so much in common! He was from SSGC and I was from Life Chapel. We had some common friends too. Such a small world. No wonder he was so friendly- he is a brother in Christ :)

Time went on and we discovered each others' blog. Markus was a deep writer and very encouraging. He blessed many people through his writings. He was also a active in sports and loved music.

We lost touched for awhile coz he went abroad to study. Somehow, we bumped into each other again on the LRT one day. He offered to send me home though he already had almost a full load in his car. I sure remember his car- he has blessed so many with it!

Anyhow, goodbye Markus until we meet again someday, in our home far away. Thanks for everything....

The Canticle Singers Markus A Rare Gem February 14, 2009
(Choral Director)

Dear Dato Vincent Ng, Datin Dr Ang and family

I briefly met you together with your other two sons at the wake for Markus last evening. I have known Markus only for short period of time and that was more than three years ago during his final year at HELP Institute yet I was deeply grieved and wept when I learned of his death.

The following has been posted at our website


MARKUS NG (1985 – 2009)

It was 2005 and I had been requested by a student friend, then at HELP Institute, Kuala Lumpur to help start a student choral group. I was very resistant at first as I had suspected that the project would never get off the ground. The only student there that made an impression on me was Markus. He was all gung-ho and geared up for the choral group to develop and blossom which unfortunately did not occur as a result of the poor attitude and commitment of the majority of the students who had signed up for the chorale. Nearly all of them did not have the slightest clue as to the level of work involved but Markus did.

In the brief 6 weeks at the school, I saw in Markus many positive and leadership qualities. Markus could be described by a combination of adjectives: warm, quiet and unassuming, industrious and focussed, kind but firm, sincere, concerned and caring, committed, ever helpful and it was very obvious that he had a passion for music. He was at rehearsals as early as he could manage and apart from being perhaps the only one conscientiously working on his vocals, he did things few wanted to do like getting the keyboard organised, rearranging the furniture to facilitate the rehearsal, etc.

I had the opportunity of sharing a meal or two with him after rehearsals and getting to know him a bit more. Later an opportunity was created for him to sing a solo for me to appraise. Strumming the guitar and untrained as he was, he had soothing tone which instantly set one at ease and from his lyrics you would realise that he was a deep thinker. Apart from imparting him a few vocal tips, I most certainly encouraged him to pursue his passion for music.

I last bumped into Markus on 10 January 2009, as he was one of the musicians playing at the wedding of Colin Wong, one of our basses. He looked happy and well and we chatted briefly before the wedding ceremony.

At his wake, I learned that he subsequently got heavily in involved in a number of socio and political related causes where his heart lay. Upon graduation, he worked for an relief agency instead of opting for more lucrative jobs and fought for a Malaysia for all irrespective of race or creed.

Markus returned home from work in the wee morning hours of 4 February 2009. He had been working hard and putting in many long hours over the past weeks. Markus then fell into a very deep sleep and at the age of 24 went to meet his Heavenly Father.

Why do I grieve and weep, perhaps because amongst the youth and young adults of today – who have too many things on their plate, who are so easily distracted, who in silent arrogance think the world revolves around them, who live only for themselves and live for only today, who are so spoiled and who reckon that "commitment" is a four letter word; it is very hard to find a rare gem like Markus.

I am priviledged to have known him even for a brief spell.
Donald Cheah The Markus I knew... February 14, 2009
(Ex-Youth Fellowship teacher)

Markus... What can I say? So many memories... so many missed opportunities. When I heard the news, I grew limp, numb. It took me many minutes to process this. Markus? Markus... with a 'k.' I only know one Markus... with a 'k.'

I was heading home, after a late meeting. Crying as I drove. No. I had to head for his house. I turned my car around. Yes, I managed to find the house,although it has been more than a few years since I as there. Keeping in touch was never my strong suit. I was not sure if I should go in...

I saw Vincent, Markus' dad, standing at the porch and I walked closer. Vincent still recognised me and let me in. I still could not believe it. Kim Teng, Markus' mom, immediately asked if Markus had managed to catch up with me as he had told her that he wanted to. No. No, he did not.

The Markus I knew was only a teenager. He always impressed me with his simple faith and simpler ways. He looked just like any youth... but you could almost hear his brain working... all the time. I had the privilege of mentoring him for a season, and he was an awesome young man, filled with Spirit of God. He stood head and shoulders above many of his peers. He had real qualities when others chose the superficial and fell into fads.

Yes, he was intelligent, although he shared with me once of how he felt he failed to match up to his brilliant elder brother. Another time, I remember him crying because God had challenged him and his faith. But these were not tears of defeat or condemnation, these were tears of one who deeply loved his Lord and was willing to take up the challenge of being a God-follower.

Let's get it right. Markus was as much into the external, superficial or facade as Christ was. No. He was all quality inside. The youth looked up to him, even back then. All the 'cool-looking' youth had no bad things to say about him. Yes, in many ways, he was blameless, above reproach.

I miss his wish cracks. I miss his wry smile. I miss his sincerity. I miss his sarcasm (which was not often, but he could say something harmless to you and walk off, be gone for a fewminutes before you realised the double meaning) and wit. I miss his sharing about the Word of God. I miss a friend.

I still miss him now.

Why did God take away someone who obviously was making such a positive impact? I can only believe that by taking Markus away, God planned to make an even bigger impact. God does not make mistakes.

Man see a life full of potential, dashed. God remains God.

My deepest condolences to the family of Markus. I am barely handling this loss. I have no idea how you are coping, but I can only pray for you all and say that I am here... for you all.

Vincent and Kim Teng, please do not entertain thoughts in the"what if..." category. You have raised Markus up to be who God wants him to be. No parents can do more.

God bless you all.

Yee Mei Tan (Friend) Thank you February 14, 2009
Markus, thank you for bringing me sushi , walk around London with me for the whole night, snapping photos with me in the cold. Thank you for being my friend although we met each other so random at the career fair. I am really sad that you leave us so sudden. I will miss you forever.
Jia Wen Lee (Friend) Rest in peace Markus February 14, 2009
Markus, great friend and great person. Thank you for everything.
Kathleen Tan (rbs friend) goodbye markus.. February 14, 2009
dear markus,

im sorry i was not able to attend your funeral and wake service as i was away for work. i really wished i could've been there. the news of your sudden passing took a while to register over lunch - when i received the news in australia, two text msgs, i still could not understand what i had just read even after re-reading it a few times. it did not make sense. just earlier that day, i was telling my australian counterpart about you - that you were working with unicef, and just a few hours later, i was telling her you had just left this world.

having bumped into you always, be it at kvbc, an inter-church event or a seminar... i always took for granted that, ah, i'd see you again another time because i always do. well, now i've learnt that, we cant take people and chance encounters for granted... because your passing has reminded me how fleeting life is, and death happens to anyone and any time, even the best and nicest of people.

still can't believe you're gone. we had just met up at samuel's hse in dec, and now, we'll have to wait a while to see you again... i still rmb how you were telling (ok, ranting abit :P) to us about your work at unicef...

i rmb how you ran crazy fast for that card rugby game we played at rbs because i tried to 'tackle' you (big mistake) as i got flung and went tumbling... you ran fast! and how you were the prodigal son's father and ran to hug jun ming in our play in temerloh.. and how you, having grown up in mentakab, played tour guide while we were there on mission trip.

though we spoke briefly whenever i bumped into you, thank you for always being able to encourage me on how great a job i had as a journalist, and the sarcastic sense of humour you shared whenever you talked about politics... you are indeed a rarity to have such a passion for politics and life. i admired how you took to the open mic musically overseas while you were studying and how earnestly you sought the Lord and struggled in your faith in your blog entries... and who could forget the recent poems you noted on facebook - a poet even in bahasa! as your friend said, you are with your lassy now.

now you have your rest markus, where there is no pain, suffering and fatigue. humanly speaking, we see it as a loss to us - you had such a bright future and you truly lived your life to the fullest in impacting others and chasing your dreams... to us, it seems unfair that you were taken away so young.

but i trust God that your time on this side is done, and you have done well... and that His purposes, though unknown to us now, will come to pass with you leaving us so soon. thanks for being a friend, a role model and an encourager to so many... in your faith, in your passion for life and the causes you stood and fought for. we will surely miss you. but this is not the end, and we will see you again.
Tze Lin Lee You will truly be remembered February 14, 2009
Indeed Malaysia have lost a great young man, one that loves his country and passionate bout it.
Not to mention a men of God that we all never expect to have left us so soon, we will never be able to understand WHY ..
To members of the family, I understand we will never know how it is to loose a son and a brother all I can say is your brother and son was a good young men that left a mark in all our lives.
He will always be remembered and cherish
Cheslava Kachurets deepest condolences February 14, 2009

Dear Markus' Mom and Dad, please accept my deepest condolences... I can only imagine how horrible is your lost as besides being a good son and friend he was a marvelous person! I felt his kindness from the very first moment he talked to me. Few minutes were enough to completely adore his attentiveness and skills to cheer up and support others. I will always remember those few minutes of our communication. Let God help You to endure your pain...
JoAnn Kee (Stranger) Condolence February 14, 2009
I've stumbled upon this website from my cousin, who happened to be one of Markus' ex-schoolmate. I'm really shocked by the way he left and felt sad for his family and friends. My deepest condolences to them. I'm touched with the many things he had achieved and know that the memory of him will live on.
Christina Tham Misses U With Sudden February 14, 2009
(A close Friend)

My dear Friend Markus,

Ur sudden depart really makes me so heartbroken as I only new you in such a short period of time.

Ur kindness, smiles, helpfullness during the time we worked together has bond us but now u left without a word to me.

May God Bless Ur Soul in Peace, Love and Happy.

Take Care Dear Markus
Aunty Christina
Clare (Stranger) condolences February 14, 2009
may you rest in peace... deep condolences
Cindy Cheah (friend YF) Thank you February 14, 2009
Acts 13:36
For David, after he had served his own generation by the will of God, fell asleep....

I think Markus is a shining example of this, he stood up and served his generation as evident in all the condolences and tribute. He is an example to the generation of young adults and youth that will grow up to lead this country, fighting for a passionate cause of justice, love and service. Something that I and hopefully all would endeavour to do as young adults and youth in memory of him and because of him. My condolences to Uncle Vincent, Aunty Kim Teng, David and Peter thank you for your beautiful son and brother.
KL KOH (neighbour) condolences February 14, 2009
Dato' Dr Vincent Ng & Family,

Our sincere sympathy and heartfelt condolences.

SS20 Central Zone Security Committee
Total Condolences: 180
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